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Got a rant or rave? Have a question? Want us to speak at your next event? Just want to ring our doorbell? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us by email. Note that that email addy is the best one for contacting Jay, Brendan or any of our esteemed contributors.

Share It!

Got a cool photo of habitat, birds, a dog, whatever? How about a cool story but not photo? (No pic? Seriously?) Send ’em on () and if it looks or sounds interesting, we’ll give you 5 of your 15 minutes o’ fame. Important note: The more Seriously educational and/or entertaining your stuff is, the greater chance we’re likely to post it.

Are You Serious?

If you’re a Serious Pheasant Hunter, Serious Quail Hunter or Serious Chukar or any other bird Hunter and think you have what it takes to contribute to this site on a regular or semi-regular basis, we want to hear from you. and let us know.


Are you the best rootin’-tootin’ bird guide in the land – or at least in your area? If so, and you know some good bird-related info you want to share, we want to hear from you. And since we’ve already been asked: If you know where some birds are and want to show us in person, great! If we hunt with you, you will at least get written up here, maybe officially SBH-recommended, and might end up in a Serious Bird Hunting book. Contact us about it .


If you have what you believe are the best upland bird-hunting products made, let us know. We’re always on the hunt for better gear. BUT please make sure your product really will do what you claim and can stand up to weeks (straight) of hard hunting. Bottom line: If you have confidence in your product(s) and know it/they will perform as advertised and hold up to hard hunting, we love to read about and test new gear, and we know our readers love to hear about it (we occasionally let our readers do the testing). If you’d like to tell us about something or have us check it out, please bear in mind the following:
> We do not read snail-mailed press releases so please do not send them. We are email only (contact us ). If you send us an email about a product, please include a good photo.
> Shipping Address – Since we (Jay and Brendan) live in different states, by email to find out the best shipping address for your product.


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