Serious Grouse Hunting, Book 1

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Serious Grouse Hunting, Book 1

This is the first SBH book, published July 2010. It’s $29.95 and WELL WORTH the cover price! Seriously. Heck, grouse books were selling for more than $20.00 15 to 20 years ago, and you should learn a lot more from this book. (And isn’t even one key piece of grouse insight worth it? We think so!)

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You might be thinking we’re saying that because we wrote it…but these folks didn’t. Check out these reviews!

This is, without a doubt, one of the best books on the subject of ruffed grouse ever published. The chapters that focus on how to successfully hunt these birds without the use of a dog, choosing a grouse guide and the “Takeaways” that are found after each and every chapter make this book stand out from others….

– Dick Nelson, Hudson, NY Register-Star

…they bring a fresh, spirited voice to this how-to book. For new hunters this book delivers a solid dose of helpful “getting into the sport” information; for experienced hunter a freshness and excitement…. Great stuff!

– The Upland Almanac

I highly recommend…“Serious Grouse Hunting, Book I,” which I’d say is as engaging and informative as anything on hunting you’ve ever read. I love the irreverence and good humor that’s wound around the carload of practical advice it cleverly offers. Kumar and Haines write very well. They also are grouse hunting nuts…and their love of the game shines through. Their practical advice is based on plenty of experience, and the authors are not shy about voicing their opinions and offering good rationale for them. It’s a great book. If you hunt grouse you’ll want to read it.

– John Pitarresi, Utica, NY Observer-Dispatch

…an alternately entertaining yet serious new look at an old subject: ruffed grouse hunting. They have nicely distilled what…grouse giants have said about the bird and cleverly balanced those observations with their own boots-in-the-brush experiences. The result is an important and appreciated update to this time-honored sport. New advocates get solid advice, and old hands like myself discover new tips and ideas from this book.

– Tom Huggler, Woods-N-Water News, MI

“Serious Grouse Hunting”…is sure to get some buzz among serious upland bird hunters. Their approach is unconventional…far different than the classic grouse hunt over an English pointer in a stand of aspens. I really enjoyed the approach the authors took. There is plenty of information to benefit any grouse hunter…. There is good information on grouse habits, habitat and finding the right cover to help anyone flush more grouse. These guys are serious upland game hunters and they are not afraid to stand conventional wisdom on its head to find what really works.

– Rob Streeter, Albany, NY Times-Union

…a must-read…

– Ken Moran, New York Post

From Serious readers:

> This is the book I’ve been looking for…there ARE OTHERS out there who are totally hardcore about hunting ruffed grouse. I’m glad to see info about ruffed grouse hunting that is not written in the spirit of Thoreau. Great book….

> Most truthful, practical info-laden book ever on grouse…. My son and I now hunt almost solely in northern NH sans dog. We’ve worked it out pretty well, and together have learned a lot of it, but your book verified that and gives us much more to work with next season. A giant step forward in confidence for me anyway.

> …enjoyed it thoroughly….

> Wow! I love your book. I have been hunting grouse for almost 40 years and have never had a book that got me to thinking as much as this one. This book has made me re-think many of my covers and to try some areas I have driven by for years.

One of our favorites:

> I’ve bird-hunted for over 40 years and own virtually every grouse hunting book in print. With this being said, THIS has become my favorite book of all time regarding grouse hunting. If I were to hand down one book to my grandsons to learn how to grouse hunt…it would be this one.

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Press Release

Serious Grouse Hunting, Book 1 – press release (PDF file)

Table of Contents

Serious Grouse Hunting, Book 1 – Table of Contents (PDF file)

Top 5 Reasons to Buy This Book

1. To learn at least one thing that will help you have more fun and bag more birds.

2. To make you think about things that will make you a better grouse hunter.

3. To get psyched for the season/to help get through the off-season.

4. You’ve run out of magazines in your bathroom.

5. You’re a Serious Grouse Hunter who can’t get enough of this stuff, and it’s been 15+ years since anyone’s written a book on grouse hunting!

Back-Cover Text

Serious Grouse Hunting, Book 1 is all about one thing: Improving your ruffed grouse hunting. NEW tips on finding habitat and parsing the habitat you do find, walking-up grouse (with and without a dog), getting grouse to flush, the best ways to get a shot, gun and shell choices, modern gear pros and cons, and much more. Serious Grouse Hunting takes a 70-year old conversation about grouse hunting and brings it into the 21st Century.

All bird hunters will enjoy this book, and those who aren’t yet Serious about grouse hunting will be after reading it!

> Dramatically improve your grouse hunting ability.

> New strategies and age-old secrets revealed.

> Easy-to-understand illustrations and entertaining, down-to-earth explanations.

> Learn how to harness the power of technologies like Google Earth to advance your hunting skills.

> Discover which time-honored grouse hunting tactics are debunked.

Improve your game with Serious Grouse Hunting!