Don’t Name Your Dog ‘Rooster,’ ‘Bird’ or ‘Tuck’

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'What'd you call me?'

Bob St. Pierre is an entertaining writer. We’re enjoying his stuff in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Here are a couple excerpts from his latest bird-related post, which is definitely worth a full read:

> I encounter a “Rooster” every year. The problem with the name surfaces any time you hunt pheasants in a group. The dog’s owner shouts “Rooster” only to have his entire hunting party jerk their heads and gun barrels to the sky only to see blue.  Meanwhile, the obedient “Rooster” returns to the oblivious owner as instructed.

> Yelling your dog’s name should never sound like a swear word.  Be careful about what rhymes with “Tuck.”

Funny stuff!

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