What Does This Chart Mean to You?

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If you get The Upland Almanac – we guess the “The” is pronounced like “The” Ohio State University (lol) – you will have seen the following table in the Flushes section of the Spring 2011 issue.

(Source: The Upland Almanac)

Question is, what does it tell us?

Here are our initial observations:

1. Seems to argue for more-open chokes even for longer shots. For example, at 30 yards there’s not much difference between SK, IC and MOD, and at 40 yards there’s even less.

2. It’s inadequate:

> Most bird-hunters don’t use #8 shot (they use larger shot).

> #8 shot loses velocity pretty quickly, and from many shots at sporting clays courses, we know to our satisfaction that #7.5 shot delivers significantly more downrange punch than #8 shot.

> 100% merely means the pattern is dense.

Ergo, we’d love to see the same chart with:

> #7.5 and #6 shots.

> A density measure for each shot at each distance, from the bull out. For example, if 25% of the remaining 40% of the CYL pellets at 30 yards are 6 inches outside that 30-inch circle, that’s good!

> Measurements at 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 yards. Might be overkill, but most shots taken at airborne chickens are 25 yards or less. (Some experts say it’s 20 yards or less, but we’re going to give some of our misses the benefit of the doubt….)

Hmmm, we may put such a chart in the upcoming SBH books.

Let us know what you get out of that chart.

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  1. Norm says:

    …… I use 1oz. loads of #8 shot from my 28 bore and use Cylinder & Improves Cylinder chokes to great advantage here In Upper New York State for my early season Ruffed Grouse hunting. … Most early season flushes are at 7-10 yards, with the second barrel, if needed, being fired at 15-20 yards, 25 yards being an early season long shot. … Any bird centered in the pattern will fold, no doubt about it. … #8 shot and Cylinder, Improved Cylinder chokes work just fine. … With a 28 bore just keep your shots to 30 yards or less. … This is my 49th season afield hunting the Eastern Ruffed Grouse.

    … Norm

  2. JIM says:

    Hi Norm,
    I have tried hunting Grouse south of Rochester for the past 3 years without a dog & have only flushed one bird about every 9 hours, despite going to areas suggested by the DEC.
    Any suggestions on flushing more grouse?
    Thank you.
    Sincerely, Jim

  3. Norm says:

    Hello Jim,

    …… I am very glad to hear from you! … Response to this website page has been really quite slow the past couple of years. … I only come to check my topic posting here every few months or so. … I couldn’t even get through to this website here some time back and thought that this site had actually closed down. … Again, Thank You for replying.

    …… As to you question of how to flush more Ruffed Grouse without a dog. … I have never owned a dog myself and will have 51 years going afield after Ruffed Grouse without using one next month. … Yes!, go to those areas suggested by the DEC. … They will not steer you wrong! … Try an get some conservation maps of the areas you hope to hunt in.

    …… Carefully study the terrain that you hope to hunt in. … I Stay away from very mature olde forest areas and only concentrate on hunting new growth tree areas (15-25+ years olde). … Also, Ruffed Grouse are not deep forest birds but are “fringe area” birds. … They are generally found less than two-three hundred yards into any wooded area.

    …… Especially be on the lookout for any olde time abandaned farms in the area that may have Apple, Pear or Cherry tree orchards in them, the Ruffed Grouse are very fond of such rich taste’ing fruit trees as these. … Another thing is to be always be on the lookout for any wild grapevines and various sorts of wild sweet berry bushes such as Blueberry or Rasberry.

    …… When you are actually in the field (woods) hunting, go (move about) slowly. … Stop often and carefully look all around. … Take your time and don’t rush hunting through any covert that looks promising. … Look for signs of a drumming log or stone. … I have various places (logs & stones) that appear to have been in constant use for several decades by Ruffed Grouse.

    …… I have so much more that I could tell you about Ruffed Grouse hunting here in upper New York State, that is, if you are really interested. … I really and do truly love hunting alone! … The solitude is just so fullfilling and gratifying. … Often times getting away for only even half a day by yourself can really recharge your body and spirit.

    With Kindest Regards,


    N. R. A. Life Member 45 Years
    A. L. P. O. Member 40+ Years
    Vietnam War Veteran

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