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The first line of the About section on SportDOG Brand’s website has the phrase “electronic dog training products.” That’s been the sum total of the company’s product line since 2003. But no more.

SportDOG recently intro’d Canine Athlete products, which as the name implies are nutritional supplements for hunting dogs. The first products, which you can see in the pic above, all carry the C9 label.

When we heard about all this, we jumped on the phone with Eleanor “El” Marshall, one of the marketing folks at SportDOG Brand, for a brief Q&A:

SBH: Why launch Canine Athlete? Did SportDOG feel there’s a hole out there that needed filling?

El: Canine Athlete is a line we’ve been working on creating for some time. We’re all concerned with the health of our hard working dogs and doing everything we can to keep them in the field for as many years as possible.

And since we here at SportDOG have the opportunity to work with a lot of great gun-dog health professionals, we listened when they said to us that it takes more than just the best dog food to keep hardworking dogs in their best physical condition. We took that to heart and developed five proprietary formulas to fill nutritional needs hardworking dogs may be missing.

How are your supplements different from the other sporting dog supplements out there?

We utilize a proprietary formula that we created to specifically meet the needs of hardworking dogs. Our products are produced, bottled and even the labeling is done right here in the U.S. using natural, human-grade ingredients.

We also feel that individually and together these products are more comprehensive than others on the market. What that means is, the best recommended usage is as an entire system – use them all as directed. But understandably not everyone will do that, so we wanted to make sure that in each individual formula a dog is getting the most it could, and we felt there wasn’t a product out there that was doing as much as it could.

How do the products work in concert – can you give us a brief overview of them?

Most of our products are supplements to add value to your dog’s nutrition plan. We offer Vitamins, Senior Aches, Hip/Joint and Probiotics in wafer form so they’re easily administered to your dog. Dogs love the flavor!

We also have C9 Max Hydrate to keep your dog hydrated in the field. It’s easily mixed with water and has a variety of vitamins and minerals dogs lose on the hunt. It likewise tastes great – to a dog of course – and all of our testers believed it kept their dogs more hydrated and energized than water alone.

Since these products are for hardworking dogs, does that mean they’re for use in the middle and late hunting seasons or…?

They’re designed for use year-round. We created them for dogs that work hard and train hard, and for a hunting dog the training season never really ends. They can be used for household dogs as well, but they don’t need as much nutrition as what’s provided in the Canine Athlete products. It would be beneficial but it’s not a dietary must-have.

How about dosage during the season?

The dosage will only change as your dog grows in size, pound-wise. Otherwise it’ll remain consistent throughout the year and season.

After reading about their benefits, sounds like we could use the Aches and Hip/Joint products. Are they fit for human consumption…..

They’re made in human-grade materials so a person could take them and be fine, but they’re not for human use. Also the wafers are a little big and they’re liver-flavored too because dogs like that!

Sounds like eating woodcock to us! Hmmmm…..

Thanks to El for the info, props to SportDOG for launching new products. More on the Canine Athlete line is here.


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