PF’s 2010 State by State Pheasant Forecast

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Pheasants Forever’s state by state (not all states) Pheasant Forecast for 2010 is out. Some of the state info is helpful, some not. Would be great to have it in graph form to see trends. Anyhow, here’s the overview plus the links for each.

“Pheasant numbers appear to be holding steady in the Dakotas, Kansas, Minnesota and Nebraska, the heart of the Heartland’s pheasant range. That means fun months ahead for pheasant hunters and their bird-hunting companions.

“Also holding steady are Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres. The recently completed general CRP signup will likely keep the program at or near 32 million acres nationwide, much of it vital ringneck habitat. And the federal “Open Fields” initiative is off the ground, which will help states launch or enhance public hunting access programs tied to wildlife habitat improvement. Your support of Pheasants Forever has been critical in the success of both programs.

“In contrast to a respectable outlook across last year’s top five pheasant-producing states are the bleak prospects for longtime pheasant stronghold Iowa. Across the rest of the U.S. pheasant range, prospects are murkier, with a snowy winter and wet springs hurting pheasant production in many areas. Still, pockets of habitat and birds to be chased exist, and any day spent pheasant hunting is a day well spent.”

2010 California Forecast

California – Stick to the Rivers and Valleys

2010 Colorado Forecast

Colorado – Good to Excellent

2010 Idaho Forecast

Idaho – Too Soon to Tell

2010 Illinois Forecast

Illinois – Winter and Wetness Equal No Change

2010 Indiana Forecast

Indiana – Northeast Coming On

2010 Iowa Forecast

Iowa – Bad News Keeps Coming

2010 Kansas Forecast

Kansas – Cementing Itself as South Dakota South

2010 Michigan Forecast

Michigan – Varied Upland Opportunities

2010 Minnesota Forecast

Minnesota – Despite Rough Winter, Similar to 2009

2010 Missouri Forecast

Missouri – Drop Continues Across the North

2010 Montana Forecast

Montana – Up and Down Across Big Sky

2010 Nebraska Forecast

Nebraska – Down Slightly Overall, But Big Jumps in Hotspots

2010 New York Forecast

New York – Maintaining Tradition

2010 North Dakota Forecast

North Dakota – Plenty of Birds, Plenty of Access

2010 Ohio Forecast

Ohio – Hard Winter Has Its Say

2010 Oklahoma Forecast

Oklahoma – Too Soon to Tell

2010 Oregon Forecast

Oregon – The Birthplace of Pheasants in America

2010 Pennsylvania Forecast

Pennsylvania – Recovery Projects Continue

2010 South Dakota Forecast

South Dakota – Still Rules the Roost

2010 Texas Forecast

Texas – Too Soon to Tell

2010 Utah Forecast

Utah – Looks to Top Last Year

2010 Washingon Forecast

Washington – Look for Pheasants and Bonus Birds

2010 Wisconsin Forecast

Wisconsin – Down for Third Consecutive Year

2010 Wyoming Forecast

Wyoming – Big Horn Basin for Birds

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