New Fiocchi Tracer Rounds: Cool!

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(Fiocchi photo)

“Where were you?”


We’ve said that to each other on sporting clays courses and in the field more times than we care to remember – “behind” as in behind the bird. If only we had 20 shots and tracer rounds so, like members of our esteemed armed forces, we could walk the rounds into the target…

…even though we can’t imagine any gamebird alive would give us time for 20, 10 or even 5 shots.

Still, the tracer round is a cool concept, sounds like fun and who knows – might even help some shooters (Jay…) hit more birds.

And if you haven’t heard, Fiocchi recently came out with Chemical Tracer rounds, part of its Canned Heat line. Here’s what the company said about them:

> Non-toxic, non-pyrotechnic, biodegradable, and safe for any modern shotgun.

> Tracer color: In the evening it’s orange, and during the day it’s more like a white dot, visible against a blue sky.

> It’s the same stuff light sticks are made from. Fiocchi partnered with Cyalume Technologies on it.

> Right now the only shell available is 12ga with 3/4-oz of #8 shot. Other loads are planned, including #7.5 and #9.

> MSRP is $19.99 for a box or can of 10, so about $2/shot.

Fiocchi marketing director David Shaw said, “The shell has enough shot in it to break a clay target. The Cyalume Tracer is actually ahead of the shot string. It stays in the dead center of the shot string out to 30 yards, and with the shot string out to 75 yards.”

He added: “Shooters can see it themselves when they’re shooting. But we’re getting rave reviews from instructors because they can stand behind their students and tell the students whether they’re above or behind the bird, or they need to lead it more or lead it less.

“What’s even cooler than just using it as a training aid is what happens when the shot string hits a clay target – if you break the bird directly with the tracer itself, it lights up in the sky.”

Sounds like big-time fun. Looks like the shells are already in stores…could be an expensive new habit!

Check out the vid – cool!


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  1. Terry Hirschi says:

    Way cool! I’m ‘afraid’ to see how far off I really am!

  2. Wink says:

    A friend and I tried these when they first came out on Skeet. During daylight we found the shooter couldn’t see them but an observer could. So in that respect you can tell if you are behind, in front, etc. When we fired them downrange some distance we found the shooter could see them also. Probably the biggest draw back to using them on a regular basis for me is the price, it averaged out to about $2 a shell.

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