Virginia Trying to Allow Sunday Hunts

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Virginia is one of several states that still has a ban on Sunday hunting, but the Virginia Board of Game and Inland Fisheries did its part to try and change that.

At its June meeting, the board passed a resolution supporting Sunday hunting – which appears to be all they can do: The ban on Sunday hunting is set in the Code of Virginia by the Virginia General Assembly and repealing it would take legislative action.

The board listed several benefits of Sunday hunting including:

> Many hunters who work Monday through Friday feel that having only one day a week to hunt is restrictive and limits hunting participation.

> Virginia would become more attractive to hunters from out-of-state and for resident hunters who choose to travel several hours to their favorite hunting destinations.

> Having a full weekend to hunt would encourage greater participation, and generate additional revenue for more rural communities in the form of lodging, food, gasoline, equipment.

That’s true, particularly since we hear good things about VA’s grouse population….

Forty-seven states have some form of Sunday hunting. Some limit hours, locations or species. Of the remaining hold-out states – Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia – all were part of the original 13 colonies which shows how far back these “blue laws” go.

Bird-wise, of all those states we’d have ME, PA and VA at the top of our list.


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