PA Opens Porkie Season

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Starting next year, the bane of bird dogs and foresters will have no place to hide in Pennsylvania: The state Board of Game Commissioners recently voted to establish a season for porcupines.

As the Commission reported, “Under the new season, hunters can take porcupines from Sept. 1 through March 31. The daily limit is six and the field possession limit is 12.”

Six? Has anyone ever seen six porkies in a day before?!

“Hunters pursuing porcupines [or, let’s say, pursuing chickens and just happen to come upon a porkie] may use any legal sporting arm, and must wear 250 inches of fluorescent orange material. Porcupines may be harvested from one-half hour before sunrise until one-half hour after sunset.”

A quick Google search shows other states that allow the harvesting of porcupines include Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, Washington and South Dakota (probably more), as well as the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

There’s of course zero challenge in “hunting” a porcupine, and if there’s a hunting season it’s illegal under wanton waste regs to just shoot one and leave it to rot – so if you’re going to shoot one, can you eat it?

The African variety ( photo).

Apparently so. Another quick Google search makes it sound like this animal has flavorful meat, maybe not surprising since it’s a rodent and rodents are generally tasty. Here’s one example…makes us want to try it.


> If you get bit by the porkie bug, looks like you can hunt trophy African porkies right here in the USA. We’re assuming they’re tougher to hunt….

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  1. Glen Bahde says:

    Why? Why not just trash break your dogs. I doubt killing Porkies will dent the incident of dogs finding them. Who is going to go out and actually spend money on Ammo to do this. You might find one or two but I have better ways to spend the day. This is the kind of stuff that gives up bad names.

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