Could PF Make An Upland Stamp Happen?

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Don't mess with the Phez....

We’d like to see Pheasants Forever (PF) take over the world – the upland bird world. Much as we like the Ruffed Grouse Society, no one’s got it going on as well as PF…which we say as folks who have talked to PF and seen their folks operate up close and personal.

In light of that, we read with great interest recent news about PF helping the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to manage funds and “build field delivery, scientific knowledge [and] communications capacity for the [NRCS’s] Sage-Grouse Initiative.”

PF CEO Howard Vincent said, “Because of our expertise in upland bird conservation through Farm Bill programs and habitat restoration, Pheasants Forever is a perfect match to help bring the sage-grouse back from the brink.”

Yes it is, Howard. And because of that, PF is also the perfect organization to ramp up a federal effort for upland bird-habitat restoration – maybe a federal upland bird stamp akin to the federal duck stamp.

Re: the stamp, we hear (and share) the concerns about federal involvement, how funds would get apportioned by species or state or region, and whatever other concerns are out there. But it’s not like the duck stamp or the federal excise tax on hunting and fishing equipment – which funds a ton of conservation work as well as every state fish/game agency – are bad. Quite the opposite.

Would it be ideal for other users of the great outdoors to pay their way for once? Absolutely, but don’t count on the complainers and granolas ponying up anytime soon.

So the next time you find yourself talking to someone involved in PF – like at the Pheasant Fest and Quail Classic in February, if not before – bend their ear about this. They’re going to need some convincing.

While some sort of upland stamp won’t be a silver bullet and may not even be adopted, the conversation is a good one. And, given the habitat status of many upland birds, necessary.

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