Short Rant: Why Are There Pellet Injuries?

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We were surprised to read about how many “hit by a pellet” incidents there were in the opening week of pheasant hunting in North Dakota. Not a ton, but any more than zero is disturbing.

With a lot of hunters in public hunting areas – particularly when it’s the first time out that year with a shotgun for many folks – maybe it’s not surprising. But that doesn’t change the fact that it shouldn’t happen, especially in a pheasant field where visibility typically is good.

And here’s the kicker, from the above linked-to article: “Most of the accidents that happen while pheasant hunting have the same cause: shooters swinging on birds and firing while someone in their party is downrange.”

In their party!

C’mon, fellas. It’s basic gun safety – be sure of your target and beyond (especially with nitro pheasant loads), and know your dang swinging plane! Do NOT follow a bird with your gun that has entered someone else’s swinging plane. No feathered critter is worth that kind of injury – which is another reminder to hunt only with people you’d be comfortable taking to your favorite trout stream.

We’re sure we’re preaching to the choir here…but check out this South Dakota Tourism vid. Starting about 0:16, the guy on our left seems to swing all the way over, as does the guy in the middle – or is that a trick of perspective?

Whatever it is, don’t do it!

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