A Reader’s Bad Gun Experience

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We received an email from a Serious hunter the other day which stated the following. Give it a read, and let us know where you come down on it.

I [bought and] patterned a CZ-Upland Hunter what with unsatisfactory results. I then set it up on a bench rest with sandbags. My shotgun patterned the entire pattern from both barrels totally above point of aim. I did this at 16 yards, and tried 8 different shotshells and all 5 of the chokes in each barrel.

I took my gun back to the dealer with a long letter and the patterns. He shipped it back to CZ. I requested a refund from CZ because I told them a gun shooting this high was not acceptable to me for grouse hunting.

Waited a month and they returned the gun to me. Their explanation was that I patterned the gun too close at 16 yards, that I should pattern it at 40 yards. But a dozen pellets in a 30″ circle at 40 yards with 1 1/8 oz of shot to me doesn’t make it.

I shall not be carrying a gun made by CZ for my grouse hunting. Buyer beware.

We asked him if we could run it (he agreed) for three reasons:

1. It’s a bummer, and we wonder how many other hunters have had this sort of experience, either with CZs or other guns.

2. It’s BS! C’mon, CZ. Any gun made for upland hunting (we couldn’t find an exact gun named the Upland Hunter, but not sure it matters) has to pattern at the point of aim well before 20 yards! Even plains pheasants are killed under 40.

3. It shows just how important patterning – the least sexy thing to do with a shotgun – is.

The hunter told us he’s pretty upset – because he has a gun that won’t perform and because of what he feels is CZ’s poor customer service. What do you think? Meaning:

> Should CZ have refunded the money?

> Should the dealer ultimately have eaten the gun?

> Anyone love their CZs or had good customer service from CZ?

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  1. Anthony Lynn says:

    I love my CZ Bobwhite 20 gauge with 28″ barrels! I bought it in January and it patterned just fine.

    • Mark C says:

      All shotguns have different DOH, DOC, and cast. The gun obviously had a defect, or it doesn’t fit you at all. For instance, I’m left handed, most guns have cast-off for right handers so when I shoulder a gun with too much cast off I’m am not even close to looking down the barrel. Same goes for DOH and DOC. If the gun does not fit you, you will NEVER shoot it well. Sometimes its not the arrow, it’s the indian. I love my ringneck in 16 gauge!

  2. Birdhunter says:

    At the modest price point of CZ shotguns, CZ should have sent the fellow a replacement. I would send them the gun with 30-yard patterns and ask for satisfaction.

  3. I bought a CZ Bobwhite with 26″ barrels last year and used it for an entire season, scratching my head on a lot of the shots I had attempted. I know I wasn’t that bad of a shot, as I have a Benelli SBE that am pretty consistent with.

    I thought the gun simply didn’t fit me, so I would have the stock bent. Before the gunsmith even brought the Try-Gun out, he patterned each barrel with full choke at 16 yards. The right barrel was 12″ high and the left barrel was 14″ high and 14″ left from the aiming point looking directly down the rib. The shooting was done by the gun fitter, not me.

    Instead of pouring more money into it, I traded it on a Winchester 101 O/U Field Grade and never looked back.

    P.S. If you want a good methodical grouse dog, get a Griff!

  4. Mike LaTragna says:

    I have a CZ ringneck 28 guage,26 in barrels. I took it hunting the day after I bought it without a chance to test fire it. The very first time l shot it l killed a grouse, the next Saturday l killed another grouse the second time the gun was fired. This gun shoots and patterns well. However I had a CZ Redhead 20 gauge that patterned one barrel high and the other barrel low.
    I feel lucky that the ringneck shoots well for me and would probably not buy another shotgun made by CZ .

  5. gregg says:

    I just bought a aya #2round body and had to send it off to Briley and have off set choke tubes put in to correct barrel regulation.That is a $6500 gun so im sure CZ may need help also.

  6. M Hinkle says:

    I too had a CZ bobwhite in 20 ga. It patterned well but had trouble with the firing pins.
    Finally got tired of sending it back and forth to get worked on. Bought a CSMC RBL 20ga.
    and really like it. I realize it’s more money however no more headaches.

  7. Brad says:

    I strayed from the tried and true a few years back. Bought a very pretty Fausti O/U because the fellow at Cabelas told me all sorts of great things about this inexpensive beautiful gun. Took it to the clay course and shot horribly. Half way through, the shells started getting stuck and the ejectors failed. Patterned it and the gun was way off. Brought it back the next day and exchanged it for the Beretta White onyx I was originally looking at. It cost more but after years of use, it’s been worth every penny.

    You get what you pay for. The dealer should have eaten the CZ and given they guy a different gun.

  8. Franchi 48 says:

    Had a CZ Bobwhite. It seemed to shoot ok but the triggers where terrible. An inconsistent 13 and 9 pounds. Sold it off quick. Couldn’t get used to the sxs either. Now I shoot a Franchi 48 and I think it might be the best bird gun ever made and cost less then the CZ. I would not buy another cz shotgun but their rifles are good.

  9. Norman Doucet says:

    Wow. I’m late to this discussion, but thanks for the info on CZ’s. I was looking at them after going through the CZ booth at the NRA in Pittsburgh last April. Sounds like you could do OK with one if you get lucky. I’m not usually lucky, though. I agree that Franchi’s are great guns. I’ve always had at least one and want a 48 next.

  10. Lou says:

    I have a CZ ringneck 28 guage, 26 in barrels. Of all my guns the CZ is by far the best gun for the money. It’s light, It’s fast, It shoots were I am looking and has proven to be one of my best grouse killers. Most of all and most important to me is the gun must have the stock grip angle and balance to be carried muzzle up with one hand. In my grouse country the forehand in just a tool we use to push branches away. The gun must be a “single hand carry muzzle up” or you will never get a shot. The CZ Redneck is better then guns I own that cost 3x as much.

  11. Norm Doucet says:

    OK, I went ahead and bought a CZ Bobwhite 20 ga with 28″ barrels. This is a side by side with double triggers and straight stock. Very reasonable price. Shot clays to test and missed every one! I never miss every one! Patterned and found out it shot about 90/10 below point of aim at 20 yrds. My gunsmith has it and found out the screw in choke threads were tapped in crooked. He is fixing it by cutting off 1/2 inch of threads and retapping. I’m OK with this IF IT SHOOTS WHERE I’M LOOKING. Will let you guys know when I get it back. I’m ok with spending the money because I will have a gun that shoots and handles great for not much money.

    • map says:

      Had a cz bobwhite the front trigger stuck, sent it in, they said the worked on it, but it continued to stick. I sold the gun to a dealer because it’s a horrible gun and I would never sell it to a freind. The dealer should have been more responsive.I will not buy another gun from that dealer.They need to stand behind the product.

  12. Norm Doucet says:

    To follow up on the earlier post…I got my CZ Bobwhite back from the gunsmith and he cut an inch off and retapped the chokes. It shoots perfect now. It had 28″ barrels and now has 27 1/4 with the extended chokes I got from Colonial Arms. Clays are breaking again. Can’t wait to use it on birds in six weeks. Oh, my gunsmith went to the same club I go to and tried it after he fixed it and he LOVES the gun. He calls it “that little 20.”

  13. Norm Doucet says:

    Just to follow up on my Bob White…I had it out grouse hunting last week and it shot great. Bird count is down this year in Michigan, but after tune up from local gsmith it covered a couple of birds nicely. Flushes were few and far between though. Heading out next week again. So far I’m happy with the gun.

  14. Dean Vosler says:

    I have hunted with a CZ Pheasant in 20 ga for three years. I have had no problems and shot many grouse and woodcock. This shotgun has functioned flawlessly and fits perfectly. Best grouse gun I have owned.

  15. everet says:

    my ‘diamond daly’ skeet is a birds worst enemy.

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