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[Update: As of 12/9/11 this giveaway is officially over!]

We got an A in alliteration class….

Anyhow, with all this talk of Black Fridays and Cyber Whateverdays, the folks at Wood and Metal have decided to make it easier than that: They’re giving one free pair two free pairs (!) of Geier Glove Co. goatskin gloves to lucky Serious Bird Hunters. Sweet, eh?!

These are the high-quality, American-made leather gloves – retail value $42 per pair – that Jay tested and sorta fell in love with on the trip to Maine this year. “They’re awesome,” he says.

Here’s the deal on the contest:

> If you’re on Facebook, you must “Like” the Wood and Metal and Serious Bird Hunting pages. If you’re not a Facebooker, don’t worry about it….

> On Facebook or as a comment below, tell us in 100 words or less your story about why you or someone on your gift list needs some good upland hunting gloves.

> If you win, we’ll ask for your shipping info. Then you’ll go on the Wood and Metal website and measure your hand (or somehow measure the hand of whoever is getting the gift). You let us know, and we’ll send your size and shipping info to Wood and Metal, which will then send you the gloves.

> We hope to announce the winners next week or no later than Dec. 12 to allow for enough shipping time until Christmas, but no guarantees….

Good luck, and if you find some other cool stuff on Wood and Metal that you have to have, note that they’re currently offering free Priority shipping for orders over $50.


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  1. Bryen Ballard says:

    Well I’m a Serious Bird Hunter: College Edition, so that means my attire gets updated rarely and out of necessity. My dad and I have been taking the trip to Wisconsin for the past two years and you’ve got to have a good pair of gloves to make it out of there alive! I’m a young hunter and I need some gloves that I can count on to last many, many seasons. Plus mine don’t quite fit. The goatskin gloves also combine my two passions. I love bird hunting, but a close second is raising my dairy goats.

  2. cindy says:

    These gloves would be for my husband ~ for the past 8 years he has given me the gift of upland bird hunting. He has taught me how to shoot and hunt grouse and woodcock. Which is no easy task, had a custom stock made for his Ceaser Gurinni(?) Tempo light for me – so it won’t be too heavy. He needs a pair of gloves but won’t buy himself any he’s too busy making sure I am out fitted.

  3. Joe woestman says:

    Greetings,I have been hunting upland game in southern California since I was 16 years old. Recently my three teenage sons have come of age and it is now my job to teach them proper hunting etiquette and how to be responsible guardians of our precious resources. What a better way to lead by example than in a pair of your finely crafted goat skin gloves!

  4. Mark Coleman says:

    Seems like I spend more and more of my time around briar thickets these days and I have the hands to show for it. Somewhere along the way the birds figured out that briars were a good place to hide from predators, two-legged, four-legged, winged, whatever. My old pair of gloves, which of course can’t be found any more, had almost thirty years on them before they finally gave up the ghost. It’s time for some new gloves.

  5. lucas says:

    my dad and I have been searching for a good pair of gloves for years, and when we think we’ve found a good pair, we have to buy multiple pairs because they eventually wear out and/or are discontinued(come on Cabelas!). . . my Grandma always told me to wear gloves so I don’t get arthritis, I took her advice, but I’m far more concerned for my side by side! We’re also from Iowa, so if we can’t find some birds this year, at least we can look good! thanks!

  6. Brien says:

    Nevada has given me many things: a home, a family and an education. One thing that I sometimes wish Nevada had never given me was chukar hunting. Chukar have lead me to leave home’s comforts, my family’s love and my job’s security to pursue these wily partridges up the desert mountains only to watch them fly to the bottom laughing. On fortunate occasions, my cold hands are warmed by a bird retrieved by my dog, Rio, but more often than not, they are only shielded by the steel of my beat up twelve gauge. Warm gloves would be nice…

  7. E Dudley says:

    I lost two important things in my life on September 30th of this year. While I was at work, my Brittany decided to leave the yard to start the hunting season a day early. Unfortunately he met an untimely end while crossing a nearby road. Tucker was a wonderful companion and had become a very good hunting dog. He had formed an attachment to my hunting gloves as a pup and would often find one of them and bring it to me signaling that he was interested in some time in the woods. The gloves were laid to rest with him along with some other favorite items of his on that fateful day. He is sorely missed.

  8. Matt Piper says:

    I am the serious bird hunter. My two german shorthaired pointers, my 12 year old son and I hunt at every opportunity. Which to us means, at least twice a week during season and at least once a week just with the dogs out of season. After all they don’t understand season or not.

    My family did a lot of fishing when I was a child. One trip ice fishing I wrecked my hands and my feet. After a long search I have finally found some boots that keep my feet warm and comfortable. My hands are another story. I am having the hardest time finding a pair of gloves that keep my hands warm and with which I can still handle my shotgun with ease. I would absolutely love to have a pair of your gloves to make the time with my son and my dogs that much more enjoyable.

    For Your Consideration
    Matt Piper

  9. William Davis says:

    Being an outdoorsman from Michigan i’m outdoors 365 days a year. I’ve been a carpenter for 30 years enduring some of the worst weather conditions that makes most men stay indoors. When i’m not working i spend most my fall and winter pheasant hunting, training bird dogs, and ice fishing walleye on Saginaw Bay.A good pair of gloves is a must for me. I’ve already went through 2 pair of gloves that was department store quality, a new pair of Great Geier gloves would be a nice Christmas present for myself. I promise to put them through alot of abuse everyday, whether its hunting,icefishing,cutting firewood, or just to wear to protest my hands from our extreme elements here in Michigan.Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

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