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Here's the Instinct SL. (Franchi photo, click to see bigger.)

(Franchi photo)

This week is the SHOT Show, the firearms industry trade show, so it’s announcements galore for companies in that biz. Unfortunately, because the hunting side of the gun industry is dominated by deer, there’s not a whole lot of bird-related stuff.

But judging from the gun and its new website, Franchi (believe it’s owned by Benelli USA) is going after the best hunters on planet earth, us birders (lol). Here are the deets on its new Instinct SL O/Us. (SL = Super Light maybe?) What caught our eye: Cool-looking and definitely light – as in 5.7 pounds for the 12ga!


> Gauges: 12 and 20

> Barrel Length: 26” and 28” [awesome if the 12ga comes in 26″]

> Overall Length: 42.25” and 44.25”

> Receiver: Aluminum alloy

> Chokes: IC, M, F [Cyl costs extra for some reason]

> Sights: Vent Rib with Red Fiber Optic Front Bead

> Finish: Aluminum Alloy Receiver & Blued Barrels

> Stock Material: AA-Grade satin walnut

> Avg Weight: 12ga = 5.7 lbs, 20ga = 5.4 lbs

> Length of Pull: 14.25”

> Drop at heel: 2”

> Drop at Comb: 1.5”

> MSRP: $1,349 [so street price should be $1,200 or less]

From the Press Release

A new line of light, fast and reliable over & under shotguns initiates a new beginning for Franchi’s family of fine firearms.

Franchi’s brand new Instinct SL, available in 12ga and 20ga, is a classic over-and-under shotgun that combines the best of Italian tradition and craftsmanship with the most innovative technology to create shotguns that feel right.

The distinctive receiver is a combination of polished and brushed silver alloy that features minimal engraving to keep the lines clean and the look elegant [Jay likes this, Brendan not so much…].

The automatic safety, incorporating a barrel selector, is tang-mounted for convenient and quick access. [We REALLY hope this is not like the Browning safety!]

The stock is cut from fine select AA-grade satin walnut in the pleasing Prince-of-Wales style. It features cut checkering and sports a lustrous oil-finish that complements the wood’s beautiful grain. Each Instinct SL comes packed in its own protective custom-fitted, hard-shell gun case.

Franchi is so confident in the new Instinct over & unders that they back each Instinct SL with an industry-leading 7-Year Warranty.

“When a quail covey flushes and a double puff of feathers signals a pair of gentleman bobs tumbling to the ground, your Franchi SL feels right in the best possible way,” said Stephen McKelvain, Benelli USA’s VP Marketing & Communications. “With an extreme lightness of weight and intuitive design, nothing points faster on a speeding bird.”

Wonder if Steve is saying that’s how good he shoots….

Bravo Franchi. We’ll try to get our hands on one of these to put it through its paces. Hope it performs as good as it looks and sounds.

(Franchi photo)


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  1. Norm Doucet says:

    I’ll be getting one of these..I LOVE Franchi’s. {pronounced fronk-ey if anyone cares). I’ve been shooting these since 1969. Through all the ownership changes they still make a great upland gun. I have an I 12 auto now-26 inch barrel. I’ll be looking at the 12 guage in this new 0/u since its so light. I’m sure I’ll love it.

  2. lucas says:

    i know nothing about the O/U’s but the 20 ga AL 48’s are pretty amazing. soo light.

  3. sproulman says:

    i have FRANCHI 20 GA AL48 .its light at 5.6 lbs.
    i never could shoot o/u very well.
    they always kick more than a semi-auto.
    with light weight, 12 ga will kick your a .
    no, i would not buy o/u at all no matter how light.

  4. lucas says:

    its just too bad they aren’t a privately owned company. . . not a fan of benelli

  5. Norm Doucet says:

    Just to clarify…yeah, the franchi 12 ga o/u would kick a lot more than their auto’s (my I 12 auto hardly kicks more than a 20), but they are hunting guns made for carrying all day. I would not get one of these for clays. Funny, I don’t notice the kick that much when I’m shooting at game. If I shoot 5 times a day its a crazy good day for grouse. But I do notice how heavy the stupid gun gets by late afternoon. Also, the AL 48 20 ga is a great upland gun. Benelli or not, they make a good hunting gun.

  6. bill says:

    Hope they make one in a 16gauge would like to see a semi auto lightweight in 16 gauge

  7. GW Biggs says:

    Benelli USA is the importer for Benelli, Franchi, Uberti, and Stoeger. They are all owned by the corporation that owns Beretta

  8. Seattle says:

    Shot the Franchi Instinct s and sl on Friday. The SL is a great gun. The red sight in the front is great. This gun as great balance and when shouldered feels perfect and shoots like a dream.
    Love Franchi not so much Benelli.

  9. Norm Doucet says:

    What gauge did you shoot, Seattle? I’m looking to buy an instinct L this week. Weights 6.3 lbs and I’m wondering about the kick.

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