PF’s Pheasant Forecast Is Out…

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(Source: Pheasants Forever)

…How Does It Look To You?

Pheasants Forever (PF) just published its pheasant hunting forecast for the season, and it looks…well, that’s the first question – how do you think it looks? Here are PF’s few-word summaries for each state:

California – Average Year by Modern Standards (3)

Colorado – Northeast Up While Southeast Prospects Dry Up (3)

Idaho – Southwest Hatch Looks Good (3)

Illinois – Hunter Numbers Up, Bird Numbers the Same (3)

Indiana – Slight Dip, Don’t Overlook Northeast (2)

Iowa – While Waiting on Weather, a New Low (1)

Kansas – Central Looking Best (2)

Michigan – Numbers Low, Pheasant Restoration Program Begins (1)

Minnesota – Winter, Spring, Habitat Loss Deliver Punch (1)

Missouri – Pheasants and Pheasant Hunter Numbers Drop (1)

Montana – Winter Clenches, Spring Drenches Outlook (1)

Nebraska – Head West, Pheasant Hunters (2)

New York – Working on Habitat out West (1)

North Dakota – Pheasant Numbers Down, Still a Top Destination (2)

Oklahoma – Drought Quells Gains (2)

Ohio – Report Coming Soon

Oregon – Fair to Good (4)

Pennsylvania – Recovery Projects Continue (1)

South Dakota – Big Drop, But Still Tops (3)

Texas – Drought Hurts Nesting and Brood Habitat (1)

Utah – Pheasant Upswing Continues (4)

Washington – Columbia Basin Could Be Hidden Gem (3)

Wisconsin – Downward Trend Continues (1)

Wyoming – Big Horn Basin for Birds (3)

Our Take

We asked ourselves the same question: How does it look? The number you see in parenths after each state is our impression of how each description looks, or makes us feel: 1=not good, 5=great.

Let’s do a little math:

  • 24 states, but really 23 since the Ohio forecast isn’t in yet
  • 48 “points”
  • Avg = 2 out of 5


Well, a 2 out of 5 ain’t great. Not even good. That’s how reading that, plus the pheasant forecast info we’ve covered here already, makes us feel – like the pheasant season won’t be good.

But that feeling is wrong – dead wrong! – which is the second question: Does this or any forecast actually mean anything, with the corollaries:

  • What does it mean on the ground where you’re hunting
  • Should you even pay attention to forecasts

We’ll save our take on that for tomorrow. For now, thanks to PF for doing the forecast – that’s a lot of work!


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