Pheasant Bands: New Upland Trophy?

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Ever see those duck and goose leg bands on waterfowl hunters’ call lanyards? Maybe you’re a waterfowler yourself and have them. If so, cool – they’re legit trophies of the hunt, like shark-tooth or bear-claw necklaces and many other examples.

Why are we bringing this up? Because Nebraska banded some wild pheasants this year. Details:

> Some pheasants in the Southwest Focus on Pheasants area were banded.

> The purpose is to help understand how pheasants move and use the study area, portions of Hitchcock, Hayes and Red Willow counties, as well as hunter harvest in the area.

> Hunters should provide the number of the band, and the location and date it was recovered. Hunters may keep the band after reporting it. Bands can be reported by calling 402-471-1756.

> The regular season is Oct. 29-Jan. 31, 2012.

Any other states do this with upland gamebirds?

If you shoot a pheasant with one of these leg bands on, shoot us a photo of the band here or on Facebook.

Anyone keep trophies of upland hunts, and if so how? Let us know here or on FB.

Another use of duck leg bands....


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  1. Brett says:

    Hey guys, I shot my 1st ruffed grouse about a week ago. I am making a fan mount with the tail like turkey hunters do. I found instructions for doing so on this website:

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