Interview With the PF Road-Trippers, 2

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PF's Andrew Vavra, Beau and a happy fence. (PF photo.)

Here’s the final part of the interview with Pheasants Forever’s Bob St.Pierre, Anthony Hauck and Andrew Vavra re: their rooster odyssey: driving 2,200 to hunt five states in 6 days (that’s Serious!) – aka the 2010 Rooster Road Trip.

SBH: After doing this trip, what one piece of gear (gun, ammo, clothes, boots, dog gear, etc.) either performed flawlessly or will you now never leave home without?

Bob: Boyt’s midweight baselayer. The most comfortable “long underwear” I’ve ever owned.

Anthony: Don’t bring too many “extras” or you’ll be upgrading to a U-Haul, but go the extra mile for your feet – an extra pair of boots and plenty of pairs of socks. The Uplander socks from Boyt are the cat’s meow.

Andrew: Even if I wanted to try out another upland hunting vest, after this trip my dog wouldn’t let me. I wear a WingWorks vest that has deep shell pockets and two large water bottles on each side. Throughout the hunt my yellow lab, Beau, would run back and nudge on the water bottle when she was thirsty. Fresh water for a dog in the field can be likened to you or I having an energy drink. I’m convinced this vest’s water bottles helped my dog to perform at her best.

Of all the places you hunted on this year’s Road Trip, which one would you return to and why?

One of 6 good days for PF's Anthony Hauck. (Click to see bigger, PF photo.)

Bob: CRP-MAP lands in Nebraska. It was hands down the best habitat we hunted, and provided the best cover for my shorthair to run big and corner birds with a point.

Anthony: Northwest Kansas’ walk-in hunting areas. It’s incredibly rural, and you wonder if you’ll ever see a town again. You get out in those rolling hills and you feel like you’re off the grid. Then you see pheasants, bobwhites, whitetails, mule deer, and you know you’re in wild country.

Andrew: I often frequent western Minnesota during the duck and pheasant seasons, so that answer is too easy. If I had to choose another, I’d have to say I fell in love with the terrain of southern Nebraska. The elevation changes and light grasses were quite foreign to this Minnesota cattail buster.

The ultimate test of any road trip: Do you guys still like each other?

Bob: Thankfully we’ve all road-tripped for hunts together before. I’m not saying there weren’t times that tested our senses of humor, but we’re already making 2011 plans for part deux.

Anthony: Bob and Andrew have dogs and I don’t, so yeah, I still like them!

Andrew: Absolutely, and although I’m sure Beau’s hotel room antics wore on Anthony a bit, it’s safe to say we’re all willing to do whatever it takes to be included on the Rooster Road Trip 2011’s roster.


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